About CimTel

CimTel is a broadband service provider in the northeastern part of Oklahoma. As part of our rich 90-year history, we have provided numerous communication services to our communities. CimTel has always adapted to new changes in technology and worked to improve our infrastructure to support those changes. As your friends and neighbors, CimTel is dedicated to serving our community. We are honored to donate the proceeds of the annual CimTel Classic 5K Run to the schools in our community.

CimTel provides voice, video, and data services. In select neighborhoods, we are rolling out Fiber to the Home in an effort to become a gigabit community. CimTel also provides maintenance plans and top-notch customer service and technical support so that we can help our communities understand how to best utilize their services. As residents of the community we serve, we care a great deal about our customers and are committed to providing them with the best possible service and experience.

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