Backup Power for Home Phone Services During Power Outages

Customers of some of our voice services may need a backup battery to avoid disruption of service, and to maintain the ability to call 911, during a power outage. This notice provides information on battery backup requirements and options for obtaining backup batteries.

Which services need a backup battery? Voice services provided over our fiber optic network need a power source from your home to operate. If you want to use your phone during a power outage, you will need an external backup battery installed to power your Optical Network Terminal, or ONT.

Some customers’ ONTs are installed on the outside of their home. Because of the way the battery is configured in outdoor ONTs, outdoor ONTs come with a backup battery installed. So customers with an outdoor ONT would not need to buy a separate backup battery. Only customers with an indoor ONT would need a separate backup battery.

Voice services provided over our copper network are line-powered, so they do not require a backup battery to operate during a power outage.

What if I don’t have a backup battery? If your services are provided over our fiber network and you have an indoor ONT, the service will not work when your home power goes out. You would not be able to receive or make calls from your home phone, including calls to 911, unless you have a backup battery installed in your ONT.

How do I get a backup battery? If your voice service was installed before February 1, 2017, we provided a backup battery when we installed your ONT. For customers signing up for service February 1, 2017 or after, we will offer you the option of buying or leasing a backup battery from us or buying one from a third party.

What are my options for buying or leasing a backup battery? If you want a backup battery for your home phone service, you have the option of buying or leasing one from us or buying one from a third party.

  • To buy or lease one from us: Call us at 918-865-3311 or 800-722-3979 or visit our office to talk to a customer service representative.
    • Our 8-hour batteries cost $67.50 to purchase or $5.00 per month to lease.
    • If you want to install the battery yourself, we can ship the battery to you, or you may pick it up from our office. If you would like our help installing the battery, we may bring it to your home for installation.
    • The manufacturer’s warranty information, if any, should be in the documentation included with the battery.


  • To buy one from a third party: You may buy a battery from an electronics retail store or an online retailer. You must buy the correct battery model to ensure proper function. The battery you need is CyberPower DTC36U12V3-G.

How do I install a backup battery? Your backup battery should come with installation instructions for you to follow. If you are not comfortable installing the battery yourself, contact us and we can help. There is no additional charge if we install a battery when we install your service. If we install a battery after your service has been installed, a charge may apply.

How long will a battery power my phone? Backup batteries are expected to last at least 8 hours on standby power. If you feel that is not enough time, you may extend your standby power by purchasing additional 8-hour batteries.

Will a battery power other services? Our backup battery does not provide power to any services other than our voice service. Home security systems, medical monitoring devices, and other equipment will not run on a home phone backup battery.

How do I care for and store my battery? Please follow the instructions included with your battery for proper use, storage, and care to ensure that it will function as needed during a power outage. If you do not store your battery correctly, it may shorten its useful life. Environmental factors such as temperature can shorten your battery’s useful life. You should periodically, as described in the instructions included with your battery, remove and test your battery to verify both the operation of the backup battery and its condition.

Who is responsible for repairing or replacing the battery? If you buy a battery, either from us or from a third party, you will own the battery and will be responsible for the costs of repairing it or replacing it. If you lease a battery from us, we will own it and will be responsible for repairing it or replacing it (unless you cause the damage). Regardless of who owns it, you are responsible for ensuring proper use, storage, and care according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and you will be responsible for the costs to repair or replace it if it is damaged by any failure to follow those instructions.

How long do backup batteries last? A battery will not last forever and should be replaced at the interval suggested in the instructions included with the battery, or when your device starts to make a loud beeping sound. That sound means that the battery is depleted and must be replaced. See the instructions above for purchase and replacement options.