Instructions to setup your BEC Wireless Router

To set up wireless security on the BEC modem, you must first log into the modem with the default IP address of This address needs to be inserted into the address bar of your browser.

Enter the following address in your web browser’s address bar,


Once the address is inserted, press the enter key and it will ask you for a username and password. The username is “user” (without the quotations) and the password is user. The username and password are both case sensitive and should be lowercase.


After logging into the modem, on the left pane choose Wireless.


Here you will be able to enable or disable the wireless signal in the router. You will also be able to change your network’s name or SSID. Be sure to Apply the settings at the bottom of the page after any changes on this page.

It is recommended to use the WPA2-PSK encryption although you may select the encryption type that is more suitable for your network.

If you will be using the WPA encryption method, you will enter in a custom password in the Passphrase field then choose Apply/Save.

If you will be using the WEP encryption method, you will enter random text into the passphrase field and click generate. It will then provide you with an encryption key to use. Copy the hexadecimal number in the key 1 field. Choose apply and then choose Save Config to save those changes.

Upon completing the above steps, you will need to reconnect to your network using your new wireless key. *Vista users may have to uninstall and reinstall their wireless adapters in order to reconnect to the wireless network.