Welcome to our FAQs page!

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How do I setup my BEC wireless router?
Click here for instructions to setup your BEC wireless router

NOTE: If you have a different type of modem other than BEC, please call us for remote assistance at 918-865-3311.

How do I set up my email on my phone or tablet?
Click here for instructions to setup your email using POP3

Click here for instructions to setup your email using IMAP

How can I log into my modem to block or open ports (i.e. P2P Blocking, Peer to Peer Blocking, and BitTorrent)?
Click here for instructions to log into your modem to block or open ports

Why is my online payment not “real time”?
Our billing company does not offer this option yet but will hopefully in the future.

How do I pay my bill on-line?  It’s asking me for a login & password.
To set up on-line bill pay you will need your 10 digit account number and a security code.
The security code is 243 then the last four digits of your phone number.

When is my bill actually due?
Your bill is due upon receipt. We mail out late notices and apply late fees on the 16th.

How do I know if I qualify for Lifeline?
Click here to download the Lifeline Form

Why are the bill payments sent to OKC?
The payments are sent to our bank lockbox in Oklahoma City to provide a faster payment process for our customers.

How do I program my remote?
Access the user guides for each remote with the following links:

What channels do you offer?
Click here to view our Channel Lineup

What are your bundle prices?
Click here to view our current bundle prices

Do you have cell phones ?
We do not offer cell phones at this time.

Will I be required to sign a yearly contract?
No, but if you do sign a one or two year contract this will secure your pricing for that period and will also waive installation fees.

What areas do you service?
We provide telephone, video and DSL services to: Blackburn, Hallett, Jennings, Keystone, Mannford, Mannford East, Maramec, Osage, Prue, Skedee, Terlton, Westport, Cleveland and Sand Springs. We also provide video only services in Cleveland, Pawnee and Fairfax.