CimTel utilizes a variety of delivery mechanisms to bring the fastest possible speeds to your home or business. Whether you are simply looking at emails or streaming across multiple devices, CimTel has the speed for you—at a fair price.


10 Mbps - Best for checking email on 1-2 devices.
25 Mbps - Ideal for households with fewer devices. Stream without a hitch on 1-2 devices.
40 Mbps - Great for families! Seamless streaming on up to 4 devices and plenty of speed left over for tweets, emails and shopping.
50 Mbps - The family plan! The kids can stream across 3 to 5 devices brilliantly while mom and dad check email, shop or browse.
100 Mbps* - Excellent for online gaming! Crystal clear streaming across 7 devices and all the surfing you can handle.
500 Mbps* - Stream on up to 20 devices, game online, and browse across up to 50 devices. You can download an HD movie in under a minute!
1 Gbps* - All the Internet you could possibly use on virtually every device you have!
*Fiber where available


CimTel delivers a stunning IPTV product that includes: 

  • Digital TV
  • Crystal clear picture
  • More than 100 SD channels
  • HD programming
  • Premium movie channels
  • Interactive channel guide
  • Whole Home DVR
  • Video On Demand
  • Watch TV Anywhere