Privacy Policy

Federal law protects your privacy rights as a customer of Cimarron Telephone Company. These rights are in addition to the existing safeguards that Cimarron Telephone Company already has in place to ensure one’s privacy rights. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires Cimarron Telephone Company to notify all subscribers of their rights to restrict the use of their Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). You have the right, and Cimarron Telephone Company has a duty, under federal law, to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI.


What is CPNI? – CPNI is information you might consider private and therefore wish for Cimarron Telephone Company to protect from use for marketing purposes. CPNI is information Cimarron Telephone Company possesses solely due to the customer-carrier relationship that is necessary for Cimarron Telephone Company to serve your telecommunications needs.


What are examples of CPNI? – Examples of CPNI include Cimarron Telephone Company knowledge of the types of services to which you subscribe such as Caller ID, the quantity of your calls or the amount of your long distance bill or a list of phone numbers you have called. In other words, is information about how, when, where, and how often a customer makes use of telecommunications services.


Permitted use of CPNI by Cimarron Telephone Company without your permission. – CPNI can be used by Cimarron Telephone Company for certain purposes without your permission. Cimarron Telephone Company may use CPNI to offer you new or enhanced services that are related to the category of services to which you currently subscribe. Cimarron Telephone Company may also use CPNI to respond to your inquiry regarding services you currently use or related services Cimarron Telephone Company offers. In addition, Cimarron Telephone Company may use CPNI in connection with repair and maintenance services, billing, and collection, to protect Cimarron Telephone Company property and to prevent fraud.


Prohibited use of CPNI unless authorized by you. – Unless you specifically authorize its use, Cimarron Telephone Company may not release your CPNI to third parties nor use CPNI to market services unrelated to the services to which you currently subscribe and that are, or may be, offered by Cimarron Telephone Company.


Additional information regarding your CPNI rights. – You have the right to deny or withdraw access to CPNI at any time or to instruct Cimarron Telephone Company to disclose CPNI to unaffiliated third parties upon submission of a written request. Any approval or denial for the use of CPNI outside of the service to which you subscribe to from Cimarron Telephone Company is valid until you affirmatively revoke or limit such approval or denial. A denial of your approval will not affect the provision of any services to which you subscribe.


We hope this Privacy Policy is helpful in clarifying the CPNI rights of Cimarron Telephone Company customers. Any questions or concerns should be sent to